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In the first or second sentence, it is advisable to mention your business' main activities and the primary municipality or region where it is located.

(ex: We are a small familly farm located in the county of Frontenac near Kingston. We specialize in winemaking.)

Afterwards, more detailed description of your business can be added. It is important that the text you use is not copied word for word from elsewhere. For example, if you wish to use the text from your own website, it is better if you paraphrase its content.

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Not sure what to write? You may include a brief overview of your business history. A more detailed summary could be the topic of an article. You generally want to mention elements that differentiate you from your competetion. This can include cultivation techiniques, rare cultivars, or a special method you apply when transforming products.

As this is a landing page, your primary goal is to attract the attention of your potential customers. Try not to go in too much details. If you wish to elaborate on a particular topic, submit an article instead.

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  • Classic cheese scone
  • Extra vegan shepherd's pie
  • Grandma Gertrude's strawberry pie
  • Grilled salmon with red currant
  • Red wine truffles
  • Slow rise vegetable bread
  • Stuffed acorn squash


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  • A tour of our region and its other attractions
  • Best ways to keep freshly picked fruits
  • Canning wildberries
  • Country shortcuts when coming over from the city
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  • How we almost lost our tractor to a cat
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  • Our farm's vision and hopes
  • Our history
  • Short introduction to microbreweries
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